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Fevers and Icons

an icon community

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{not your mother's emo icons}
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And so luindilwen escaped the craziness that
is all normal icon communities and staked a claim on the last spot
of land remaining.

She called it feversandicons, because she was just a big
nerd like that. And in that empty graphics community she hid,
until others joined - that was pretty cool.

{wastes of paint}
Interested in posting your icons here? Let us know.

{we all follow the rules.}
♥ Do NOT hotlink. Just don't. Seriously.
♥ Do not alter graphics or claim them as your own. That sucks.
♥ Unless otherwise stated, textless icons are not bases.
♥ Credit the maker, not feversandicons.
♥ Comment! We love getting feedback.